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Out of Control? Tips to Find Peace in a Time of Uncertainty

Stressed Woman

During this time of uncertainty you may find yourself dealing with symptoms of: anxiety, stress, even depression.  Questions of the unknown or what tomorrow may bring can also cause many to panic and have fear.  The question that we have to consider is what good has worrying and or fear ever done for any of us? I would have to answer, nothing but brought on intense migraines, irritations, isolation, inability to eat, sleep, or think clearly, and many more problems.  But I have good news! There are many natural tools and activities we can do to get us grounded and thinking clearly when life doesn't seem to have an answer.

1. Talk to someone:  Share your concerns, fears, and uncertainty with a person you trust.  This is a great time to call or video chat with friends and family members. Isolation and the thought that you're alone will keep you in a state of fear.  Reaching out isn't a sign of weakness but a strength when you share what is concerning you. You will find you're not alone.  

2. Focus on positives: After you have shared your concerns look at what is working right in your life.  Your family, friendships, jobs, health is a great place to focus. Think about what you can get done or accomplish during this time.

3. Limit exposure to constant reminders of what is causing your fear:  It is important to be informed but too much exposure to dramatic events or repeated news broadcasting can make you more anxious. Find a time that you watch for updates then move on.  Keeping the television constantly on or engaging in the same conversations will only elevate you more and keep you in a constant state of fear or panic.

4. Take deep meaningful and intentional breaths:  It is important that we use our natural resources of deep breathing and relaxation techniques.  This allows for oxygen to reach the brain and muscle groups which interns gives us the ability to think more clearly. Utilize progressive muscle relaxation techniques and mindfulness techniques. (you can find online).

5. Get moving:  Take a walk around the block, shoot a basketball, any type of exercise is a great way to take your mind off of your circumstances.  A healthy mind and body wards off many aliments and brings clarity as well.  You will also be proud that you got into the open air which is so good for you.

6. Eat clean and balanced: Stress often brings on bad eating habits.  Stop! It is important that you not give in to these temptations and plan healthy meals that you enjoy.  Watch snacking and know food is truly fuel and not for pleasure.  

7. Limit unhealthy practices: Drinking alcohol at high risk, drug use of any kind, negative self talk, any self harm and self sabotaging behaviors should be halted.  Any of these practices will cause you to spiral out of control.  They may bring about instant gradification but long term problems.  It's never a good way to deal with uncertainty, or fear.  (If you need support in this area message me.)  

8. Exercise Your Faith: This is great time to build up your Source and spirituality.  We are living in an uncertain time and with faith in God we can find strength and be at peace.  Find a bible plan on: anxiety, stress, fear, or uncertainty and see what God has to say about it.  (you version a free bible app) and a perfect place to start.  Then pray about what is bothering you.  You have full access to the Stress Reliever and Ultimate Healer.

If you are able to implement these simple practices you will find worry and stress may have immediate reliefBut this isn't a one time fix.  This has to become a life style that you practice daily.  Being healthy in body, mind, and spirit is imperative in facing uncertainty in life.

I believe in you!

Have questions about any of these areas or want more information don't hesitate to reach out.

Written by: Shannon D. Morell, LMFT, 18 March 2020

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